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Hallow Moon LP


Hallow Moon's debut LP!
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Hallow Moon is a group of musicians from the West Coast of northern North America. Allegedly discovered 65 million years ago by the dinosaurs, this area always had potential to produce very wavy and relaxed music. Even from the first bellow of a plant-eating water creature, sounds would vibrate inland from the great oceans into the ears of the fiercest predators.
Where humans populate coastal regions, they tend to create unique things that can bring peace both to themselves and to those around them. Hallow Moon did not choose their place of birth, nor did they choose to be birthed at all. But while they live they would like to create sounds that make themselves happy, and in turn help others.
Their first album, self-titled 'Hallow Moon', is a combination of familiar instruments and harmonized melodies used to tell stories of apocalyptic demise, drug-induced realizations, complicated suicides, frustrated social outbursts, yearned-for loves, and apologetic losses.
Hallow Moon is Colin James Jones, Craig Alan Mechler, Dan Ross, and Randy Richard Kramer. They also share more music as Khingfisher, Martyrs, Hierarchies, and the Orpheans. This album is their debut submission of music as a group, dedicated to those that came before and those that come after.

1. Waiting For Chimera 07:03
2. Don't Know Why 04:53
3. The End 07:04
4. Sermons 05:54
5. Dream Waltz 03:18
6. Lean On Down 04:33
7. Single Life 05:46