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Johnny de Courcy - Alien Lake - CD


The second album from Johnny de Courcy!

The concept of Alien Lake is similar to the popular birthday party drink 'swamp water'. It's a little bit of everything all mixed together in the same cup amounting to something 'other-worldly' in taste. Although, instead of Orange Crush, Coke, root beer and ginger ale, you have love, ego-crisis, schizophrenic tendencies and coffee. All common ingredients to say the least. It's an un-conscious reflective work that was written over 4 months and recorded over 8 days in the woods surrounding Alien Lake, BC.

"Johnny de Courcy is a rock and roll tapestry. There are threads of the blues, gilded metal beads, and psychedelic paisley all woven together with the melodies of a bygone era." - Westender

CD includes screen printed lyric sheet!

1. I Can't Be That Man
2. Southern Plain
3. Turkish Freakout!
4. Jeff
5. Lady In Red
6. Amelie
7. Steely Down
8. Wind Chimes
9. Alien Lake
10. 1000 People

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