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King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard - Polygondwanaland

$16.00 / Sold Out

SOLD OUT ONLINE! We still have a bunch of copies left for sale in our physical retail store in Vancouver BC. If we still have a bunch leftover after several weeks, we MAY release some more online, but they have been moving quite fast.

*PLEASE NOTE* - Big Cartel does not notify when parcels have shipped, so you didn't miss the notification, so if you placed a order, there's no need to email us, it's probably already on it's way to you!



*SHIPPING NOW!* - It may take us a couple of days to get the order to the post office, but we'll have it packaged up and out the door as fast as we can!

If you are looking to order multiple copies, please use the contact us button to get a shipping quote as our cart is not setup for proper combined shipping. It may not be much cheaper outside of Canada, but we will let you know either way! Please include your shipping address, PayPal email, and titles/quantity you are looking for and we will get you a quote/invoice promptly!

IF YOU LIVE IN VANCOUVER, THERE IS NO NEED TO ORDER ONLINE! We have copies in store here at Neptoon, and we have also brought copies to Audiopile, Red Cat, and Vinyl. If you live in Victoria, we are also shipping copies over to The Turntable. We are holding back a pile of copies of local sale.

Please note, there is only one variation of this pressing, we are just displaying what both sides look like.

Back in November, King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard announced the release of their (at that point) new album Polygondwanaland...but with a pretty major twist. There would be no official physical release of the album. Instead the band released the masters online for ANYONE to make their own version of it, whether it be vinyl, CD, cassette, VHS, real-to-real, lathe cut, 8-track, or any other past/current/future format they like! Within an hour of them making the announcement, we had already started the process of getting this album pressed. Now two and a half months later, we have them in our hands!

We did this as an A-Side / B- Side Opaque Red / Translucent Blue with an Opaque Yellow splatter. These turned out fantastic. Because the colour mixes are done manually, there will be variance between every copy, but all are done with the same process. Because of this we cannot guarantee that your copy will look exactly like the photo.

Jacket Printed in Canada
Vinyl Pressed in Canada
Cutting/Plating done in Czech Republic

500 Copies

Huge shoutout to Gord from Precision Record Pressing!