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Percheron - Ain't Dead Yet - CD


Percheron's debut LP, "Ain't Dead Yet". This is the first Country/Folk record that we have released on our label. After we first heard it, we knew we had to put it out! The vinyl is mastered and cut by famed audiophile mastering engineer Kevin Gray, and pressed at Quality Record Pressings in Kansas.
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1. They Caller Death Highway 03:06
2. Momma's Heart 02:53
3. Captain Star 02:06
4. That Ain't Right 03:51
5. Medicine Man 02:33
6. Must Be Crazy 03:38
7. Ain't Dead Yet 03:20
8. What The Hell Have I Done 06:10
9. Tired Hands 04:00
10. Smokin' Cigarettes 05:29

Written by Gordon Smith
Recorded and Mixed by Jesse Gander
Mastered by Kevin Gray (Cohearent Mastering)

Vocals/Guitars - Gordon Smith
Vocals - Ainsleah Hastings
Fiddler/Vocals - Tegan Ceschi-Smith
Guitars - Brock MacInnes
Bass / Vocals - Tim Mathias
Dobro / Woody Forster
Drums - Joel Loewen
Banjo - Blake Bamford

Special Thanks to:
Kenneth Cook - Guitar on Captain Star & Smokin Cigarettes
Jesse Gander - Piano on What The Hell Have I Done